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So, the next time you want to write about the sun shining on the ocean, think about the individual parts, maybe the bright rays catching the waves, and you'll soon enter into the ranks of synecdoche superiority.

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By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please set a username for yourself. People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards. Synecdoche vs. Metonymy It's easy to confuse synecdoche and metonymy because they both use a word or phrase to represent something else some even consider synecdoche a type of metonymy.

Forms of Synecdoche There are several different forms of synecdoche. A Part to Represent a Whole A synecdoche may use part of something to represent the whole.

For example: The word "sails" is often used to refer to a whole ship. The phrase "hired hands" can be used to refer to workers. The word "head" can refer to counting cattle or people. The word "bread" can be used to represent food in general or money e.

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The word "wheels" refers to a vehicle. The word "boots" refers to soldiers. The word "bubbly" refers to champagne. The word "glasses" refer to eyewear. A Whole to Represent a Part In the same way a synecdoche can use a part to represent a whole, it can also use the whole to represent a part. For example: If "the world" is not treating you well, that would not be the entire world but just a part of it that you've encountered.

The word "society" is often used to refer to a specific sector of society. The word "police" can be used to represent one or several officers. If someone says "the restaurant" was lovely, they either mean the wait staff, the food, or the environment. When people say "The New York Times" printed a new story, they mean one specific journalist wrote a new piece. A Specific Class to Represent a Whole A synecdoche may use a word or phrase as a class to express more or less than the word or phrase actually means.

For example: Some people refer to any variety of cola as "Coke". Sometimes we refer to the United States as "America" when the "Americas" is actually made up of a few different countries. All facial tissues are often referred to by the brand name "Kleenex. Asking someone to put their "John Hancock" on a document refers to anyone putting their signature there. All adhesive bandages are commonly referred to as "Band-Aids".

Any bit of polystyrene is referred to as "Styrofoam". Material Representing an Object The material used to make something - or what was used in the past - is often used to represent the entire object. For example: Everyday cutlery may be referred to as "silverware," even though they're not actually made of silver. The word "plastic" is commonly used to refer to credit cards. The word "ivories" is often used to denote piano keys, even though the keys are no longer made of ivory. When a golfer plays with their "woods" they are referring to their longest golf clubs. Bullets are sometimes referred to as "lead".

To go for a walk in the "woods" means to go for a walk in a forest-like setting.

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Good ol' fashioned newspapers are referred to as "papers. See similar articles. YourDictionary definition and usage example. Link to this page. To do this, you'll need to understand how Makey Makey works!

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Take it out of the box and plug in the red USB cable. Up arrow, down arrow, left arrow, right arrow, space, and click. Picture 1 You can extend any of these connections by plugging an alligator clip into the silver spots, and even extend it further by drawing with graphite! Just make sure that you make your drawing thick with graphite and that you make boxes around your words, but keep the drawings from touching like in Picture 2.

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You can then alligator clip directly to your drawings. You may want to use an index card fr stability or you can put your drawing on a clipboard and use the metal on the clipboard for your EARTH connection like in Picture 3. The best thing about drawing your circuits is that you can erase your mistakes! Watch this student troubleshooting.

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Or watch the whole video tutorial here. You will make a voice recording for each black out drawing. So make sure you draw around clumps of words you want to be read together, or even around "stanzas" of your poem. See the example in Picture 4. Add Scratch! It's time to incorporate Scratch and record voices for your poem!

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  5. Scratch 2: For each recording, Record your voices in Scratch by clicking on the "Sounds" tab and clicking the microphone to record see Picture 1 and Picture 2. Scratch 3: In Scratch 3, you will still navigate tot he Sound tab, but you'll see the "add sound button" is a blue circle on the bottom. You have more choices for editing your sounds in the new Scratch! It even automatically looks for quiet parts to edit. Drag the red bars to where you want your sound to start and end like in Picture 3.

    Then you'll have some editing choices like in Picture 4. I used the "slower" effect to make my voice sound like someone else!

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    The echo effect sounds really neat too. Supplies Makey Makey Paper 6B pencils old books or newspapers. Get inspired and see what other people are creating! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean pharetra, ligula non mollis pretium, lectus libero sodales augue, interdum auctor mauris dui non risus. Nulla facilisi.