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The entrepreneur with the millionaire mindset

Today at AM JessePust. MrMoon Today at AM. Today at AM brief. Belief Change Made Easy. David John Today at AM. Today at AM David John. Ideas of what to do with a warehouse in Lebanon Tripoli? Champion Today at AM. Today at AM SamRussell. Darius Nov 1, 3 4 5 6. My plan is to train them through the mindset millionaire club. And my thought behind it was, what an amazing thing it would be if we had 10, people thinking the same, working the same, giving the same, with the same values, the same ethics, the same passions in life.

I think it would be a formidable force on the planet to really help people and especially helping people in need.

It is who I am. So I give it to organisations that are doing it and doing it properly. It starts from the inside out because really money is an inside job. But money is more than that.

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Money tells us a story. People kill for money, they divorce for money, they fight over money, they envy over money, they resent over money. So money is more than just about money. And if we can just get a grip of what the story that money is telling you in your life. Money should be a great servant, it should never be a master in your life. Do they have money? But their money shrunk to the level of their thinking. For example, I can give two people the same amount of money and one would deplete it and the other would cause it to grow.

It is the mindset that affects the money.

And you solve them by getting good advice. If you want to build a good relationship, go to someone who has built one or is building one.

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When it comes to raising three awesome children, I always get good advice from people and look at people who have raised great children to get my advice and insight from. But I solve problems a bit at a time. Below, you can find my conversation with Sam.