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The stone guest of the title is the statue of the Commendatore [Commander]. Early in most tellings of the story though not necessarily in the opening scene the Commendatore, trying to protect his daughter from seduction or rape by Don Juan, is killed by the latter in a duel. Some version of the episodes involving the Commendatore, his daughter Donna Anna and her betrothed Don Ottavio as these characters are named in many of the settings is to be found in virtually all presentations. In general, the story consists of a loosely connected string of incidents with little overall organization apart from that implicit in the opening and closing scenes with the Commendatore English poet.

She spent most of her life in Wales and became well known in literary circles, being much admired by Byron, Scott, Shelley, and Wordsworth.

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Her works were extremely popular at home and abroad, notably in the United States before the Civil War. She rivaled Thomas Moore in the extent to which her works were included in literary anthologies and equaled Tennyson in the degree to which her poems became part of the conventional education of American youth. Her importance to American musical life lies in the settings made of her poetry by her sister, Harriet Mary Browne later Mrs.

Libretto subject used in the 18th century. An oracle demands that Agamemnon sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia, in order that the winds may blow. Agamemnon vacillates; Clytemnestra protests; Achilles defends Iphigenia; Iphigenia goes willingly to the altar. At the last minute Diana carries her off, leaving a deer in her place. This version permits a sequel, Iphigenia in Tauris. According to Racine there is a second Iphigenia, known as Erifile [Eriphyle].

At the last moment the high priest realizes that Eriphyle is the one who must die; she kills herself, and Iphigenia and Achilles marry. The third common variant is a compromise, in which, without Eriphyle, Iphigenia is saved by divine intervention and marries Achilles Libretto subject popular in the 18th century.

Iphigenia is a priestess at the temple of Diana in the barbarian kingdom of Tauris, having been transported there after her supposed sacrifice in Aulis. Her brother Orestes arrives in Tauris with his faithful friend Pylades. He is being pursued by the Furies for having killed his mother, Clytemnestra, and must do penance by finding the statue of Diana in Tauris and returning it to Greece. They are captured and the tyrant, Thoas, demands that they be sacrificed.

Iphigenia does not recognize them, but feels a strange affinity with Orestes; there is a recognition scene, an attempt to escape, and a final The story is set in the kingdom of Messenia in the Greek Peloponnese, ruled by Cresphontes, a descendant of Hercules, and his queen, Merope, princess of Messenian nobles Cresphontes is deposed by Polyphontes and executed along with two of his three sons.

Merope sends the youngest son, Aepytus, into hiding in Arcadia. Merope, whom Polyphontes has forced to become his wife, learns that Aepytus is no longer in Arcadia and orders the stranger put to death. Aepytus kills Polyphontes and assumes his rightful place on the throne. There are two major variants of the story. In its earliest version, by Zeno also adds a love interest for Epitide [Aepytus] in the Arcadian princess Argia, taken hostage by Polyphontes. Polyphontes forces Anassandro [Anasander], the executioner of Cresofonte [Cresphontes] and his sons, to accuse Merope in public of having commissioned the act.

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Late 18th c. Achille in Aulide Iphigenia in Aulide [Ifigenia in Aulide] Collegio de' Nobili Longone, Milan. The Sacrifice of Iphigenia L'Ifigenia in Aulide L'Ifiginia [sic] Teatro del Falcone Genoa, Liguria, Italy. Carlo Naples, Campania, Italy. Il sacrifizio d'Ifigenia liberata da Diana Regio Teatro Turin, Piedmont, Italy. Iphigenie in Auilide - Benedetto Venice, Veneto, Italy. Il sacrifizio d'Ifigenia Il sacrifizio d' Ifigenia L' Ifigenia Caridad Svich.

Iphigénie en Aulide (1674) (French Edition)

Achilles; or, Iphigenia in Aulis. Abel Boyer.

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Agamemnon and His Daughters. Kenneth Cavander. Ariel Marina Carr. Atreus Dawn. Abi Basch. Neil Labute. Richard Davis. Die Atriden-Tetralogie.

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Gerhart Hauptmann Goddess Peter Morris. Ifigeneia en Aulidi. Kostas Ch.

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Jean RACINE– Iphigénie en Aulide, Livre audio SOUS-TITRES, Cocotte

Dalila Curiazi. Giuseppe Garavani. Eugenio della Valle. Giulio Guidorizzi. Ifigenia stin Aulida. Thomas Kindynis. Ifigenia w Aulidzie. Jan Kasprowicz.

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Impossible Things Before Breakfast. Debbie Falb. Iph …. Colin Teevan. Finn Iunker. Iphigeneia at Aulis. Iphigeneia at Aulis Iphigeneia en Aulidi. Dimitris Sarros. Stauros Doufexis , Dimitris Miliadis. Mona Kitsopoulou. Apostolos Melachrinos. Thrasyvoulos Stavrou. Leonidas Zenakos. Iordanis Marinos.

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Iphigeneia in Aulis. Jack Lindsay. Samuel Coster. Edna O'Brien. Marianne McDonald. Charles L. Cloud Downey. Iphigenia and Other Daughters. Ellen McLaughlin. Don Taylor. Gilbert Murray Raymond Raikes. Minos Volonakis. Sign in via your Institution. Sign in with your library card. Add term. Type Published Online Published in Print.