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These creatures can transport themselves through shrubbery. A good tactic to use with them would be to appear, attack, teleport away, and repeat at irregular intervals.

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Because it can change shape, it could simply replace the innocuous-looking groomed shrub that is there until it attacks. Remember the field of poppies that caused the main characters to fall asleep in the Wizard of Oz. When facing plants with poisonous abilities, be sure players have a chance to stock up on antidotes and cure poison spells. Sometimes the entire forest is out to get you. Playing an animated forest or fungal community that works against the players would involve shaping paths, hindering, and harassing the characters. Barring that, the creature will try to start picking off the characters one by one or separating them in the dense undergrowth so they are less able to combine their tactics to attack the plants effectively.

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Alternatively, a scientist could be mixing chemicals that cause an explosion. To save his life he jumps into the swamp. This is essentially the way some versions of Swamp Thing came to be. The longer the magic has a chance to seep into the ground, the stronger and more resilient such plant monsters will become. But when he died, the magic remained and kept the plants animated.

In the case of slimes and molds, the druid might see the forces of nature as agents of decay and destruction, and so he uses his magic to create and develop things that support his paradigm. There may be consequences in destroying these creatures. For slimes and molds, all the rotting refuse materials could create them naturally. For many years the grounds were tended to by the priests.

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After some time, people fell away from the faith. To keep the site protected, the deity has created these plant monsters to protect the site. For slimes and molds, they might be the result of unholy magic and are associated with gods of undeath, corruption, or violence. The process to turn into such probably is a slow one, and if caught in time, might be reversed with appropriate magic.

If there is a cure, it might be obscure, dangerous to find, or not worth the cost. If there is a gap somewhere in the natural scheme of things, plant monsters, slimes, and molds may come about to fill that void. An organization is a group of persons organized for a particular purpose.

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A faction is a group or clique within a larger organization, or the like. Organizations Have Goals Organizations have a particular purpose, be it the acquisition of power, protection of the realm, destruction of another organization.

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  8. So the first thing you should do is write out a goal for your organization. As the GM for this game, any actions I take on behalf of Edom would be for the previous reasons, such as: Dracula made a bit of a mess in London leaving a few dead bodies laying around that would arouse suspicion of something amiss.

    Now how do you make this actionable by your players? Organizations Have Structures An organization is a group of people. Nodes A node is a part of the organization that does something to help the faction achieve their goals. Level two has the Eight Stools, a bar where a lot of black market deals go down, and Sigmund Root, a wererat who runs the protection rackets for the Black Spiders.

    Level three has the cut purses of the city run by a halfling named Pater Yew, The Corner Pocket, a tavern where adventurers hang out and the black spiders keep tabs on the talent in town, and Jameson Kern. Factions So we know what an organization is and at least one way to build them — with the pyramid. Philosophies, lines, and limits. Fractal Design You can scale the ideas I just presented up or down, to larger or smaller units, and the tools still work.

    This can happen in a variety of ways. For instance: Plants Vines could reach out and attempt to entangle, strangle, or lash at victims.

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    They could strike like a snake. They could enter their victim, causing problems. Flowers could produce controlling spores or pheromones that cause other monsters to protect them. Plants could have the ability to sense nearby prey and launch razor sharp poisonous leaves or volleys of thorns at passers-by, the effect of which are paralytic. Slimes, Molds Combine them with creatures that complement their strengths, while helping to eliminate their weaknesses. Give them additional, unique locomotive abilities such as flight, digging, swimming, or climbing. Allow them to take over and control other creatures.

    Consider the following: Provide shelter, food, clothing, or armor Provide transportation vines for swinging, wood for making boats and wagons Provide medicines and poisons Provide means of defense weapons or traps Take one of these ideas and turn it into a major plot point by twisting it.

    Liquid mercury found under Mexican pyramid could lead to king's tomb

    Slimes and molds could also be weaponized. Special catapults could fling slimes at the enemy. Portraying Plant Monsters Vines In a tropical environment that is vine-covered, they would be invisible. Living Topiaries These creatures can transport themselves through shrubbery. Omnipresent Sometimes the entire forest is out to get you. Cohoon d12 Origin Description 1 Science Experiment Gone Awry The monsters were created by a botanist who was experimenting in cross-pollination of plants. In addition to the characteristics of the parent plants, some other recessive gene normally dormant becomes activated.

    In the case of a greenhouse full of such plant monsters, perhaps whatever affected one of the plants spread to all the others. Cohoon d12 Title Description 1 Dangerous Greenhouse An enemy has escaped into a greenhouse where there are many plant monster lurking amongst the innocuous ones.

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    The King The King bane, and guardian of the realm. Princess Jasmine A thorned rose, both wise and calm, all the characteristics a great mage needs. Prince Bashiq Royal blood, and second son of the King. Summon heroes from different factions, master the use of faction advantage, choose the most suitable gem set, and rely on your strategy to build your own team with thousands of different combinations.

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    Prove your intelligence in the battle against adventurers from all over the Arab World and ancient powerful bosses! Templar and Abyss have advantage over each other. But this support is far more tenuous than the hard men of the deep state seem to believe. Many Egyptians, secular liberals as well as Islamists, are appalled by the scale of bloodshed so far. Some time in the future, it is possible that civic Egypt may absorb some of them, and democratic politics could work in a level contest between two sides, with the state as a neutral referee. But that point looks rather distant.

    For the time being, the re-empowered deep state looks more likely to revert to its old role. It will co-opt, divide and harry civic Egypt, using the Islamist menace to keep it in check. And the Islamists, shunned, battered and infuriated, will splinter into factions. Join them. Subscribe to The Economist today. Media Audio edition Economist Films Podcasts. New to The Economist?

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