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Let's go! The theaters I service are running "holiday hours" while school's out, starting shows as early as AM. That means I have to get up even earlier to get any work done--not fun for a lifelong night-owl like myself Condolences on the odd hours We run into that word thing all the time while practicing reading. Little P will see some word like "sour" and pronounce it "your" and is all confused when I tell him the real pronunciation. I always tell him that I agree with him -- the language is weird sometimes.

Hoodies are just so much "cooler" you know! Most mornings it isn't really cold enough for a real winter coat anyway so that isn't really the problem. The 14 year old just absolutely hates to wear anything with long sleeves, period! He would go to school everyday in a short sleeve t-shirt and jeans if I let him. Then the 10 year old really doesn't fuss about wearing the coat but you have to remind her to grab it.

Then 9 times out of 10 she ends up forgetting to bring it home from school! A Wii zapper huh?

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Our snow has melted. It lasted all of a few hours! I've heard on the news that about 30 miles away from where we live, they have found an unexploded WWII bomb! Apparantly there will be a controlled explosion tomorrow! Olivia has started to be slightly picky about her clothes. Though luckily, not to the point where she refuses to wear anything!

Our cold weather is a giggle next to those of you who really live in a cold climate, but I wish we had a winter dress code enforced from mid-November through mid-March. Girls show up in little short-sleeved T shirts and shorts not even a sweater or hoodie for some in December and January Or they wear a similar outfit with UGG boots dumb-looking, if you ask me and a light-weight hoodie and think they are dressed for winter.

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We may be in Central California, but a high temp of 40 degrees is still a bit chilly for such get-ups, except at PE, when the kids are really moving around. My last school banned shorts between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day or an early March Easter , and I think it was a wise choice. Marie, I don't dislike Mark Strong as Knightley; he certainly brings a well-bred, gentlemanly "air" to the character. I just think he seems to be a bit less grim in the book Knightley was often rather grumpy when it came to discussing F.

Have you seen the old BBC miniseries ca.

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I own and have watched it several times, and I can't make up my mind how I feel about it. I don't think the acting is terrible, but none of the actors truly seem to fit their characters Most of the other actors seemed way too old for their roles, and I didn't see anything about Ania Marson's Jane that could have captivated F. Jan 3, pm Mike, you are correct. I don't normally like Gallagher.

I don't find smashing fruit remotely funny. But that routine had me in stitches.

All of you in cold climates will probably laugh, but it is unusually cold here in Florida today. They said, with the wind chill, it felt like the 20's last night. Nothing compared to up north, but rather cold for us thin-skinned Floridians!! Soli, there are many different types of vegetarians. Pescatarians, for example, will eat fish but no other animal flesh.

Lacto-ovo vegetarians will eat dairy and eggs. Lacto vegetarians will eat dairy but no eggs and ovo vegetarians will eat eggs but no dairy! Vegans are one of the most strict. They will not eat dairy, eggs, animal products, or any processed foods containing ingredients derived from animals. I'm thinking a "part-time" vegetarian is actually a flexitarian, a fairly new term used to describe a person who is mostly vegetarian but will occasionally eat meat! Not looking forward to fetching kiddies and heading to dance class. Hmmm, I should go see if my van even plans to start in this weather.

Bad luck. What is that supposed to be??? Pretty funny-looking, if you ask me. But then again, the fashionistas of New York have very rarely consulted me on what this year's "look" should include. I am currently wearing jeans and an Eeyore fleece top over a turtleneck, which I am pretty sure is not "in" anywhere on the planet!

But it is a hoody, so maybe that counts for some cool points??? Bundle up, Puck! How many feet of snow are you guys still struggling through? I think I read the other day that your area had something like 45 inches of snow in December maybe?

Stay warm, everyone! All that talk about kids not wanting to put their parkas on makes my skin crawl. It is our big fight in the playground at break times in winter: trying to have them keep their coats on, and I'm NOT in a hurry to start that fight again BTW, have other teachers noticed that the most 'tiresome' to remain 'nice' kids are almost never ill?

They must scare viruses away! Thanks for the explanation about the pronounciation of Arkansas! It had never crossed my mind before that it could not be pronounced like Kansas. I should know better about names of places however: not far from here is the lovely town of La Clayette which is, curious as it seems, pronounced "la clette".

This is my new English "word of the day". Warmth is all that counts in my book in winter. Maybe we should start a trend? Strengthening and Cheering Charms to all going back to work already and Weather Charms to all needing some.

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Elanor YES!! I have noticed this. The kids that are the most challenging in my classes are the ones that are hardly ever absent. I would not wish illness on any of my students, of course, but it would be nice to have a break from these students once in a while! I do avoid eating eggs though. No morals or ethics behind it, I just can't stand the taste. I also avoid gelatine, but alas, so many products are made with it today it's difficult to avoid. In Yorkshire, we have many odd pronounciations where letters are missed out. For instance, the village of 'Slaithwaite' is pronounced 'Slawit'.



Being Yorkshire, the T is shortened as well, to a gutteral sort of sound. I feel like I was the only child in school who avoided at all costs going outside in the cold weather at playtime. I'm not wild about the watermelon smashing, but the man does have some hilarious routines.

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He came to Mobile for a show several years ago and my daughter and I went to see him, plus we have two or three of his tapes. Healing charms to all those who are coughing, sputtering, hurling, sniffling, aching, etc. Please, get well soon! I'm all for a good freeze to last most of the winter, however, we have a heat pump.

This is the electric power companies idea, efficient in cooling durning the summer is their claim but not so much efficient for heating in the winter.

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  • Our particular HVAC heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit doesn't do either very well. Seems it is constantly running and yet we are still too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter. But the one that bothers me more, is when people change the "i" at the end of a word to an "a". In Florida, Miami is pronounced "My-am-ee". Why then is Miami, Oklahoma pronounced "My-am-uh"?